Fulton Farm Internships

Fulton Farm offers a unique internship experience for people interested in organic farming. The intern season begins in April or May and ends in October, but shorter term applications are also encouraged. Experienced farm workers will find an excellent opportunity to practice their skills, take on responsibilities and strengthen their knowledge base. People new to organic farming will learn the basics in a hands-on encounter with the land. The main qualifications we seek are a good attitude, a strong work ethic and a serious desire to learn and practice sustainable agriculture.

Application Process: Email cover letter, resume and three references to Sarah Bay, Fulton Farm manager, at Include work availability from April 1 to Oct. 31 and dates of availability for a phone interview and farm visit. A farm visit is required for consideration. Please contact Sarah Bay with any questions.

Duties and Compensation

This intern program is a trade: We trade our knowledge for your labor. We count on our interns to be conscientious and reliable, as well as hard-working. We hope that they will come to feel personally invested in the farm, taking responsibility for its care and pride in its productivity. We also hope that interns will be willing and able to take on some important responsibilities such as greenhouse management, supervision of volunteers, care of our chickens or and partial management of our farmers market stand after they are fully trained in these tasks and feel comfortable doing so.

In addition to knowledge, we will provide a place to live, bountiful food from the farm and a weekly stipend. We ask you not to think of the stipend as a wage, but as something to help you get by while you learn to farm. An intern week is typically about 50-65 hours of work/study on the farm. On Saturdays, we rotate through our local farmers market, on-farm duties and days off. There will be occasional times when we will need to harvest on a Saturday or a Sunday or do some type of maintenance or farm chore in order to keep the farm running smoothly. The farm manager will let interns know ahead of the weekend if their help is needed. Educational field trips are often considered a part of “work” and happen throughout the season.

Modern housing is available. Interns can expect to have one's own or share a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen facilities in the farmhouse addition.

We can only hire a limited number of paid interns, and typically give preference to interns that can commit to the full season (May-October), but we will consider offering positions to short-season (summer) applicants, such as college students, people with other commitments. Short-season interns may receive food and housing, plus all educational experiences. Pay will depend on our budget. Please indicate on your application if this option interests you.

Fulton Farm Internships

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Contact Information

Christine Mayer
Program Manager
Fulton Center for Sustainable Living
717-264-4141, Ext. 3247

Sarah Bay
Fulton Farm Manager
Fulton Center for Sustainable Living