C. Elizabeth Boyd '33 Archives

The C. Elizabeth Boyd '33 Archives is named in honor of Miss Boyd (class of 1933) who served as the College's registrar from 1956 to 1971.  After her retirement in 1971, she was granted emeritus status for her exemplary service.  As registrar, she worked closely with College records and understood their value.  From 1979 to 1994 Miss Boyd served as archivist, working doggedly to prevent the destruction and loss of College records.  In addition, she encouraged many alumnae and other College friends to donate Wilson-related materials. 

Visiting the Archives

You are encouraged to visit the C. Elizabeth Boyd '33 Archives to conduct research or just to view our wonderful collections! The Reading Room is equipped with tables and outlets.  Wireless internet access is available for wireless devices. A public computer terminal is also accessible for  searching the College Library Catalog and viewing other online resources.

Photocopying, scanning or photographing materials in the Archives is done by the staff.


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General Information


The C. Elizabeth Boyd '33 Archives is open to all individuals with an interest in understanding the varied and changing aspects of Wilson history. Individuals and groups are welcome to use the materials held in its collection. Some records in the C. Elizabeth Boyd '33 Archives have restrictions placed on them for various reasons that include privacy, state and federal regulations, and issues of fragility and preservation. These restrictions are noted in the various access tools available to researchers.



The reading room of the C. Elizabeth Boyd '33 Archives and the Wilson Archival Collections are open for research use by appointment.  Please contact us at hankeycenter@wilson.edu or 717-262-2049 to set up a research appointment.

Closed all campus holidays


The C. Elizabeth Boyd '33 Archives are located in the Hankey Center. You can enter through the main entrance which is wheel-chair accessible. The Hankey Center has its own parking conveniently located outside the main entrance. See Campus Map for location.



Collections List

The records of Wilson College are organized in a way that reflects its hierarchy over time.  The Wilson College Archives Collections List provides an easy way to see how the records are organized.  When you do research in the C. Elizabeth Boyd '33 Archives you may have to think about what office, department, or grouping of records may best help answer your questions. 

RG001 Wilson College & Chambersburg Area History

RG002 Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

RG003 Office of the President

RG004 Academic Dean's Office

RG007 Finance & Administration

RG008 Office of Advancement

RG009 Student Organizations

RG010 Memoribilia

RG011 Audio-Visual

RG012 Records of the Save Wilson Committee

MS1 Faculty, Staff & Administrator Papers

MS2 Alumnae & Student Papers


Interns at the Hankey Center and the C. Elizabeth Boyd ’33 Archives have the opportunity for hands-on work with a variety of materials including correspondence, newspapers, photographs, scrapbooks, textiles, and artifacts. Students from all majors are encouraged to apply, especially those interested in gaining experience in archives, women's studies or public history.  Please click on one of the links below for information about how to apply. 

Wilson_College_Internship_description on Wilson_students.pdf

Events & Announcements

Records Managements

Records are evidence of what the institution does. They capture its activities and transactions and are assets to the College. Effective records management ensures the information that has value and importance is retrievable, authentic and accurate. Records come in many different forms: paper, electronic, web site, and databases. Files can contain memos, contracts, emails, digital images, reports and graphics among others. Files can reside in file drawers, on desktops, on servers and flash drives.

Records and the information contained in them are everyone's responsibility! Each employee has an important role to play in protecting the College and ensuring its future by creating, using, organizing, retrieving and disposing of records according to established guidelines.

If you have questions about the records management policy, or wish to discuss your participation in the records management program please contact: College Archivist at 717-262-2049.



Reference Services

For more information about the history of Wilson College contact:

College Archivist

Phone: 717-262-2049

Amy Ensley, Director of the Hankey Center
Email: hankeycenter@wilson.edu
Phone: 717-264-4141 x3279

Class and Campus Presentations

The Hankey Center staff actively wants you to understand Wilson history. Faculty members at Wilson work with staff of the Hankey Center to incorporate historical Wilson material in their courses. In the past students from history, sociology, environmental studies, art, dance, French, and mass communication have used our materials. Our historical materials document Wilson’s important role in many disciplines.




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Amy Ensley, Director of the Hankey Center
Coordinator of WISMAT
717-264-4141, Ext: 3279


Leigh Rupinski, College Archivist







Contact Information

Amy Ensley
Director of the Hankey Center
Coordinator of WISMAT

Leigh Rupinski
College Archivist