*** Important Summer Library Information ***

The Wilson College Library Staff will be on-campus and available for the entire summer and are eager to help students and faculty. However, the staff will be involved in a number of projects over the summer that may take them off-campus. Because of this, the library space in Sarah’s Coffeehouse may often be closed.

Students, Staff and Faculty who would like the assistance of a librarian for any reason (including off-campus access) should contact one of the library staff members by email or phone and leave a message. They will reply to your request as soon as they are available.

Library Staff Summer Availability:
Mon. - Thur. 8am - 4pm and by appointment

Can I still request books from the library catalog?
Yes! You may request books from the library collection by clicking on the Check Out Books Here! Tab in the catalog (It is red and scrolls by on the left of the catalog).

Where do I pick up ILL books and books I have requested from the library collection during the summer?
You will receive an email when your items are available for pick-up and you may retrieve them from the Post Office downstairs in Lenfest during regular business hours of 8am–4pm Mon.-Thur. If you cannot pick-up during those times please contact the library staff and they will make arrangements for you to receive your materials.

Where do I return books?
You may return your borrowed items by placing them in the drop box outside the front (facing the green) entrance of the old library (it’s the orange thing that looks like a mailbox). Or you may return them to the Post Office in Lenfest during business hours.

Can I still use the computers? / I need to print something!
The 24 hour computer lab adjacent to the Library in Sarah’s Coffeehouse is still open. Students may use the computers and printing facilities there at any time (it is located down the ramp directly across from the post office in the bottom of Lenfest).

What if I need help from a Librarian?
Librarians are happy to help you with any questions you may have. Use the contact information at the right to contact a librarian by email or phone and leave us a message. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

      *** Welcome to the Wilson OneSearch ***

With Wilson OneSearch students can conduct research across most of the resources provided by the JSM Library using one search box. OneSearch combines a single, unified way to search across library resources with simple and easy to use tools to refine and filter searches and find the best resources for researchers.

Wilson OneSearch contains:

   - Most of the libraries databases including Jstor & all the EBSCO databases.
   - Academic eBooks and reference titles (Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, etc.)
   - Newspapers
   - The Library collection

Is anything not in OneSearch?

Yes! A few of the libraries databases cannot be searched with Wilson OneSearch. These databases can be located by selecting the MORE RESOURCES tab at the top of the page.

The library staff has also identified a number of free online academic databases and resources that are not included by searching Wilson OneSearch. These are located under the WEB RESOURCES tab.

Finally, Wilson College Students & faculty can still search any of the individual electronic resources available through the John Stewart Memorial Library by going to the ONLINE DATABASES webpage. There they will find a comprehensive alphabetical listing, with links, to each individual resource.

For help using Wilson OneSearch or any of the library resources please contact a library staff member.

John Stewart Library
John Stewart Library

Summer Library Hours

Monday - Thursday: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Friday: Closed
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Reference Hours
Monday - Thursday: by Appointment
Friday: Closed


Kathleen Murphy
Library Director
717-264-4141 x5114

Andrew Frank
Public Services Librarian
717-264-4141 x3294

Kelly Spiese
Cataloger/Reference Librarian
717-264-4141 x3295

Jonathan Clark
Library Technician
717-264-4141 x3380


The Library building is currently closed for renovations. All public access functions of the library have moved to space in Sarah's Coffee House. (Down the stairs in Lenfest under the Dining Hall)

Students, Staff and Faculty who need to arrange off-campus access to electronic resources will need to contact the Library.

Please contact the library staff with any questions.