News Release - Student Researchers

April 2014
Seven Wilson College seniors presented the results of their research and two won top honors for their oral presentations at the 90th Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science (PAS), held March 21 to 23 at Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove. For more information, see the News Release

April 2013
Wilson College students will present the results of their undergraduate research at Wilson’s fourth annual Student Research Day on Friday, May 3. The public is invited to join Wilson students, faculty and staff at all events. For more information, see the News Release

April 2012
Nine Biology and Chemistry Majors recently presented their research at the annual meeting of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science (PAS).   Chemistry major Tonya Bender, '12 tied for first place in the Best Oral Presentation category for her presentation on “Characterization of Algae Bio-oil Produced by Microwave-Assisted Pyrolysis: A Study of the Potential for Algae Bio-oil as an Alternative Fuel Source." Congratulations, student researchers! For more information, see the News Release

Student Research Day

Supporting Student:Faculty Research,
Scholarship and Creative Activity

The Fifth Annual Student Research Day
Friday, May 1, 2015

(SCI) Science Center Auditorium


Science Center Auditorium

Welcome Address by Dean Mary Hendrickson

Moderated by Martina Mellott

Janelle Wills ‘14
“Quantification of Estradiol in Bovine Milk from Cattle Fed Diets Supplemented with Salvia hispanica and Linum usitatissimum

Cortney Roper ‘14
“Chemotactic Factors Involved in the Migration and Homing of Canine Adipose Tissue-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells”

Emma Echanis ‘14
“The Effects of Sonic Hedgehog and Overexpression of the DCDC2 Dyslexia Associated Gene on Growth of Primary Cilia in Developmental Cortical Neurons”


Warfield Hall, Allen Auditorium

Welcome Address by Assistant Professor Theresa Hoover

Moderated by Amber Heinbaugh

Lilia George ‘14
“X-Men: Lessons of Difference, Disability, and Inclusivity”

Elizabeth Heyer ‘14
“The Effect of Women’s Colleges on Female Fictional Characters: A Study of Space, Place, and Masculine Characteristics”

Rachel Coldsmith ‘14
“Tom Waits: A Revolutionary Poet in the Tradition of William Wordsworth” 


Science Center Auditorium

Moderated by Stephanie Walker

Monica Drummond ‘14
“Effects of Holy Basil, St. John’s Wort, and German Chamomile on Fecal Corticosterone Levels in a Rat Model”

Maria Thomke ‘14
“Environmental Education for the Fulton Farm”

Kisha Pradhan ‘14
“Environmental Education for the Wilson College Fulton Farm"


Warfield Hall, Allen Auditorium

Moderated by Caitlyn Minelli

Ashlee Yealy ‘14
“Saving Cemeteries with Helping Hands: A Community Preservation Project”

Mallory Sunderland ‘14
“Despair: A Novella”

Laci Cox ‘14
“Through the Arts...” 


Science Center Auditorium

Moderated by Jessica Meck

Zina Long ‘14
“Pickles, Poultry, and Protestors: An Environmental Issue in Millsboro, Delaware”

Derrick J. Group ‘14
“Pickles, Poultry, and Protestors: An Environmental Issue in Millsboro, Delaware”

Meghan Stine ‘14
“Habitat Effects on Captive Elephant Reproduction: A Study of Size and Quality of Captive Elephant Habitats for both Asian and African Elephants”


Warfield Hall, Allen Auditorium

Moderated by Kelly Myers

Victoria Whitbred ‘14
“The Time Management Differences between Student-Athletes and Non-Athletes”

Cierra Mariano ‘14
“Does the Number of Languages Spoken and Family Factors Affect Academic Performance?”

LUNCH 11:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


Science Center Auditorium

Moderated by Kotchaphorn Mangkalaphiban

Gillian Barth ‘14 and Meta Porcella '14
“Prevalence of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in Equine Nasal Mucosa: A Survey in South-Central Pennsylvania”

Jyotsna Dhakal ‘14
“Determining the Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation on Bacillus Calmette-Guérin Vaccine-Induced Immune Response in Guinea Pigs”

Jeaneva Gagne ‘14
“Effectiveness of Fecal Bacterial Population Enumeration and Analysis as a Preventative Method for Equine Endocrinopathic and Inflammatory Laminitis"

Poster Session:

Science Center, Second Floor Front Lobby


  1. Brandy Beiter
    “Renal Cancer”
  2. Katie Bruner
    “Primary Osteosarcoma”
  3. Brenda Bryan
    “Esophageal Cancer”
  4. Kayla Croft
    “Cancers of the Lung”
  5. Jennifer Issac
    “Ewing’s Sarcoma of the Bone”
  6. Carolyn Lawrence
    “Ductal Breast Cancer”
  7. Daniele Riley
  8. David Schofield
    “Duodenal Cancer”
  9. Allison Shastay
    “Colorectal Cancer"
  10. Allison Shastay
    “The Effects of Dietary Vitamin E on Colorectal Adenoma Formation and p53 Activation in APC-/APC+ Mice”
  11. Rebecca Schultz
    “Grey Horse Melanoma”
  12. Ghada Tafesh
    “Epithelial Ovarian Cancer ”
  13. Jessica Meck
    “The Effects of Temperature on the Competitive Interactions between Pseudogymnoascus destructans and Native Cave Fungi”
  14. Kotchaphorn Mangkalaphiban
    “The Efficacy of Zingerone, Curcumin, and Wedelolactone in Inhibiting the NF-kB Inflammatory Pathway in Mouse Macrophage Cells: A Comparative Study”
  15. Martina Mellott
    “Comparative Analysis of Milk Replacers on Hostein Bovine Serum Protein Concentration and Development”
  16. Stephanie Walker
    “The Effect of Magnesium Supplementation on Anxiety in the Domestic Horse, Equus ferus caballus
  17. Amrisha Vaidya
    “Orr Forum 2014: Humanity 3.0”
  18. Cheyenne Waslaski
    “Contemporary Media Representations of Children in Foster Care”

Student Art Exhibition:

Bogigian Gallery, Lortz Hall


Laci Cox
“Through the Arts..."

Honors Session: 3:45 p.m. to 4:15 p.m. (SCI)

Moderated by Assistant Professor Alexander Munson

Amanda Clark ’14
“Mathematical Relationships between Three Branches of Trigonometry”

Disert Scholar Presentation: 4:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. (SCI)

Moderated by Associate Professor Carl Larson

Morgan Shadle '14
“Effect of Autonomy, Relatedness, and Competence during Community Service on Prosociality”

Reception: 5:00 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. (SC2L)

Academic Awards Ceremony: 6:00 p.m. (SCI)

The 2011 Disert Scholar, Mariam Khalifeh '11, presenting her senior research on The Effects of Water-Soluble Fiber Combined with Poly and Monounsaturated Fatty Acids on Plasma Lipoprotein Levels in Hypercholesterolemic Rats at the Annual Student Research Day.

To download a program detailing the student research projects' presented at past events, click on a link below.

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