Early Childhood Education

Course Requirements

  • CS 110 Introduction to Computer-Based Systems
  • EDU 204 Child Development, Cognition and Learning
  • EDU 206 Educational Psychology
  • EDU 238 PreK-4 Language and Literacy Development
  • EDU 215 Education for Students with Special Needs
  • EDU 312 Teaching English Language Learners
  • EDU 338 PreK-4 Reading, Writing and Assessment Methods
  • EDU 339 Teaching Mathematics in PreK-4 Classrooms
  • EDU 341: Educational Assessment
  • EDU 418 Professional Practicum*
  • ENG 101 Written Communications
  • One of the following mathematics courses: MAT 101, Mathematics for Liberal Studies or MAT 103, College Algebra or MAT115, Introductory Statistics or PSY115, Understanding Statistics
  • MCM 120 Interpersonal Communications
  • PSY 110 General Psychology
  • SOC 120 Introduction to Sociology

Option A: Three TDS electives (one from the Natural World and one from Modes of Thought, Inquiry and Expression. The third can be from any main category).

Option B: Two courses in the same foreign language and one writing intensive course.

Four Noncredit Workshops: Physical Education, Art, Music and Technology Workshop.

*A three week full-time clinical experience in a local elementary school. Requires observing, aiding, tutoring, teaching, and maintaining a portfolio. Supervised by College faculty.