Management Information Systems

Course Requirements

  • ACC 105 Principles of Accounting I
  • ACC 106 Principles of Accounting II
  • BUS 124 Introduction to Management
  • CS 115 Business Software and Tools
  • CS 150 Programming and Design I
  • CS 210 Management of Computer-Based Information Systems
  • CS 235 Data Structures and File Processing
  • CS 344 Database Management
  • CS 345 Data Communications and Networking
  • CS 349 Systems Analysis and Design
  • ENG 101 Written Communication
  • ENG 112 Business Writing
  • MAT 100 Intermediate Algebra or MAT 103 College Algebra
  • MCM 120 Interpersonal Communications
  • PHI 126 Business Ethics or RLS 207 Private Values and Public Policy

Three elective courses as follows:
One business or economics course and two computer science courses, one in a programming language

Option A: One TDS elective in The Natural World, one TDS elective in Western Cultures and Societies, and one TDS elective in Studies in Cultural Diversity.

Option B: Two courses in the same foreign language, one TDS elective in the Natural World, Western Cultures and Societies, or Studies in Cultural Diversity.