Communications (AA)

Course Requirements

  • CS 110 Introduction to Computer-Based Systems
  • Foundations in English (ENG 101, 108, 180)
   One additional course in English

  • MAT 101 Math for Liberal Studies
  • COM 105 Introduction to Mass Communications
  • COM 110 Effective Speaking
  • COM 130 Interactive Communication and Design I
  • COM 201 Journalism
  • COM 230 Interactive Communication and Design II
      Plus one additional course in Communications at the 200-level or higher of the student’s choosing.

  • PSY 110 Introduction to Psychology, or
  • PS 110 Introduction to Political Science, or
  • SOC 120 Introduction to Sociology
In addition, students will complete three elective courses of their choosing, selected in consultation with their adviser.

All Associate’s Degree candidates in Communications must also complete one of the following:

Option A: One TDS elective in the Natural World, one TDS elective in Western Cultures and Societies, one TDS elective in Studies in Cultural Diversity, and one TDS elective in Modes of Thought, Inquiry and Expression.

Option B: Two courses in foreign language and two TDS electives: one course from two of the main categories: Natural World, Western Cultures and Societies, Studies in Cultural Diversity, and Modes of Thought, Inquiry and Expression.