Graduate Assistantships

The M.A. in Humanities Program at Wilson College offers competitive Graduate Assistantships for qualified students.
      If accepted, the Graduate Assistant works 15 hours per week during the regular semester on campus. In return, the College would forgive all tuition for the students in connection with M.A. in Humanities Program completed at Wilson College over the course of the academic Fall and Spring semester (Note: Tuition benefits received are taxable.)
      The positions run for one year, and are renewable for a second (but may not be renewed after two years.) During the assistantship, the student must complete a minimum of two but no more than three courses in a given semester. The student’s schedule would be selected with his/her academic advisor. If the student elected to take summer course offerings, the tuition costs for those classes would not be forgiven through the Graduate Assistantship.
Currently, the program offers Graduate Assistantships working in the College’s Writing Center, under the direction of the Writing Center Supervisor.

Duties and Responsibilities
  o    Conduct one-to-one conferences with student writers from a variety of courses to assist them
             in improving their writing skills
  o    Design/implement other writing assistance forums such as workshops or online sessions
  o    Assist in the promotion of the Academic Support Center by conducting orientations and  
            designed/distributing literature
  o    Assist in recruiting and training undergraduate writing tutors
  o    Serve as a mentor for all undergraduate staff members
  o    Maintain the physical space of the Academic Support Center
  o    Complete other duties as assigned by the director of the Academic Support Center

      Students interested in applying for a Graduate Assistantship must apply separately from their admission to the program. To apply, please submit a letter of application and a resume to the Program Director. For questions or for more information, please contact the Program Director at