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Liberal Arts Schools in PA


At Wilson College, we combine premier programs with a distinctive academic approach. Our challenging liberal arts curriculum emphasizes the development of habits of mind that will last a lifetime, including strong writing, speaking and critical thinking skills.

Within our small yet diverse academic community, students are fully engaged in a learning process dedicated to serious academic achievement. Students can expect to be called on in class. Those in the sciences conduct research and English students publish their works. Classes are small, so faculty members know and encourage each student. Our honor principle lays the foundation for academic and personal integrity.

Our academic programs are challenging, but our supportive environment helps students to succeed. Wilson College is dedicated to fulfilling a tradition of excellence. That’s why our graduates have been advancing to prominent positions in business, education, government, law, medicine and research for more than 140 years.

 Recent Faculty Accomplishments

The following invited review, co-authored by professor Brad Stiles, describes a particular toxin family produced by the bacteriumStaphylococcus aureus.  

"Staph" is frequently associated with antibiotic resistance (i.e. methicillin-resistant S. aureusor MRSA), hospital and community acquired infections of the skin, as well as a common form of food poisoning. 

The review summarizes toxin biochemistry plus current methodologies for testing vaccines and therapeutics in both animals and cell culture.   

 Krakauer Stiles (Virulence FINAL Oct 2013) .pdf

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