Learning Opportunities

Internships, foreign study, off-campus study, and other special opportunities are available to qualified students. The student's academic record and objectives will be taken into account in considering the proposed program, which must be approved in advance by the Committee on Academic Procedure.


Internships afford an opportunity for students to explore various career possibilities while still in college, enabling them to make better career choices. Internships may be completed in January Term, summer, and during the regular academic year.

Internships, which are available in most disciplines, must have a strong academic component in order to be approved for course credit. No more than two internships may be counted toward graduation. Other internships are designated as exploratory experiences and may be taken for either one or one-half course credit, but will not fulfill graduation requirements. Students who wish to pursue an internship should consult with their academic adviser and the Director of Career Development. Regulations governing internships for credit are stated in the Academic Regulations.