About the Major

Wilson offers outstanding programs of study in Psychology and Sociology. Inherently interdisciplinary, these majors are designed to help students develop a critical understanding of human beings and the societies we create.

These programs adopt a rigorous, scientific approach to understanding behavior, an approach that provides the solid foundation necessary for admission to graduate programs and/or for immediate employment in a myriad of service-based occupations. Like Lewin, we believe that “There’s nothing so useful as a good theory,” but the majors in Psychology and Sociology likewise require skill-based courses in statistics and the use of computer software programs to help the student master basic research methods. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to participate in laboratory and/or field work, because human behavior often can be studied best outside of the classroom and because research projects, internships, and other types of practical experiences are important preparation for a career in the behavioral sciences.

As practical as they are popular, majors in Psychology and Sociology readily translate into careers in teaching, counseling, research, social work, health sciences, advertising, marketing, personnel management, conflict mediation, and forensics. Many careers require only the baccalaureate degree while others require graduate or professional training. In both, Wilson students have an excellent record in obtaining placements. Faculty assist in designing a program of study that meets admissions requirements for graduate school and can often suggest institutions based on students’ career objectives.

The major in Psychology focuses primarily on understanding principles of human behaviors from a variety of perspectives: neurological, cognitive, social, and emotional. From the development of the self through the aging process, the complex interaction of the individual with internal and environmental forces is critically examined. The program in Psychology is designed to familiarize the student with essential scientific methods and concepts as applied to the analysis of psychological research.

The major in Sociology is directed toward the discovery of general principles that help to explain the order, meaning, and coherence of human social life. To that end, the courses in Sociology emphasize the principles of social organization and disorganization, the comparative analysis of societies and social institutions, and principles of social interaction. The student develops a basic understanding of theory, substantive areas, and research methods of sociology.

In addition to the majors in Psychology and Sociology, minors are available in both for students wishing to supplement their education in these widely applicable areas.