Required Clearance Forms and Links

Act 34 Criminal HIstory Clearance
Act 151 Child Abuse Mail in form
Act 151 Child Abuse online form
Act 114 FBI Clearance
Act 24 Arrest/Convict
For TB test,  ask doctor for a "script" of the results

Intern/Instructional I Application

TIMS (Intern/Instrucional I application)
TIMS Certification Instruction Sheet

PECT/ETS Testing

ETS Testing  (secondary, middle level & Core Academic Skills)
PECT Testing (PreK-4 & PAPA)

PECT Testing Design Changes
PECT Testing Sites
PECT/Praxis Test Requirements & Test Codes
PECT/Praxis Scores and Sliding GPA Scale
PECT/Praxis Test Prep & Practice Test Information

PRAXIS Retest Certificate (print completed form and deliver to Education Dept.)
PRAXIS Retest Guidelines
PECT Retake Voucher and Guidelines (deliver completed form to Education Dept.)

Education Department Forms

Undergraduate Application to Education Program (for those accepted prior to Fall 2014)
Undergraduate Application to Education Program (for those accepted Fall 2014 and after)

Dispositions Form and Guidelines
Classroom Observation Signature Form

                 Lesson Plan Information
Lesson Plan Format
Lesson Plan Format for EDU206 Only
Sample Secondary/Middle Level Lesson Plan
Sample PreK-4 Lesson Plan
Sample 2 PreK-4 Lesson Plan
Websites with Lesson Ideas

Deferred Payment Form

Pre-Practicum & Practicum

Spring 2016 Pre-Practicum Application(EDU348)
Spring 2016 Practicum Application (Student Teaching)

Pre-Practicum Resume Template
Practicum Resume Template
Resume Guidelines

Weekly Reflection Page (for student teachers only)
Intern Weekly Reflection Page (for intern teachers only)

Practicum Handbook F14 & SP15
INTERN Practicum Handbook F14 & SP15

 Pre-Practicum Student Handbook F14 & SP15

TIP Use Only Forms

TIP Field Experience Portfolio(for those accepted prior to Summer 2014)
TIP Field Experience Portfolio (for those accepted Summer 2014 and after)
Field Experience Portfolio Submission Instructions

TIP Off-Campus Approval Form
TIP M.Ed. Course Registration Form
TIP MA in Humanities Course Registration Form

Education Workshop Registration Forms

PE Workshop Registration Form Fall 2015
Technology Workshop Registration Form Fall 2015
Music Workshop Registration Form Fall 2015