English Course Requirements

Concentration in Literary Studies

Students choosing to concentrate in Literary Studies will read contemporary writers as well as works of literature and philosophy that have stood the test of time. Simultaneously, students will learn how to interpret what they have read by studying new developments in critical theory. Broadly integrative in design, a concentration in Literary Studies emphasizes the shaping authority of cultural texts. It thus prepares students for graduate study and/or careers in teaching, particularly in higher education, journalism, and public service, and for jobs which require analytical ability. 

ENG 290: Shakespeare's Tragedies and Romances

Critical reading of representative tragedies, romances, and genres, including a thorough introduction to Shakespeare and his sonnets. LIT, WI


ENG 345: Shakespeare's Comedies and Histories

Critical reading of representative histories and comedies, including a strong theoretical approach to the texts. Prerequisite for the 500-level course: permission of instructor. HWC, LIT, WI

ENG 311: Structure of the English Language

Linguistic analysis of phonemic, morphemic, and syntactic structure of English. Study of significant language change from the Old English through the modern period. Examination of theories surrounding the development of language; the status of language in the world today; and constructs of idiolect and etymology. 500-level involves extra study of language acquisition. Projects involve field research. Prerequisite for the 500-level course: permission of instructor.

ENG 380: Literary and Cultural Interpretation

In-depth study of developments in the history of interpretation. Representative methods include hermeneutics, feminism, psychoanalysis, and semiotics. FT, HWC, LIT

ENG 400: Assessment Portfolio (.5 credit)

A student must select at least eight additional literature courses. Of these courses, at least three must be taken at the 300 level and one must be in each of the following areas: British literature, American literature, European literature, literature written before 1700, and literature written after 1900. A student may choose ENG 220: Creative Writing as one of the eight courses, provided that the above criteria are met. No 100-level English courses count towards completion of the concentration.