Concentration in Creative Writing

Required Courses:
ENG 220: Creative Writing
ENG 210: Advanced Exposition
ENG 311: Structure of the English Language
ENG 355: Internship in Writing
ENG 400: Assessment Portfolio (.5 credit)

Plus one of the following:
ENG 321 Advanced Creative Writing: Poetry or
ENG 323 Advanced Creative Writing: Fiction

ENG 212: Technical Writing or COM 201: Journalism                    

ENG 290: Shakespeare’s Tragedies and Romances or
ENG 345: Shakespeare’s Histories and Comedies

ENG 340: Independent Project in Creative Writing
   The student will also take three additional courses from the offerings in English. At least two of the four courses (which would include the required Shakespeare course) must be at the 300 level. No 100-level English courses count toward the completion of the concentration. Coursework is supplemented by seminars in genres, markets, and master classes by visiting writers that all students in the concentration are encouraged to attend.
   Each student in the Creative Writing Concentration is also required to develop a familiarity with a coherent subject area that could become a writing specialty by taking at least four courses from a subject area other than English. Students can satisfy this requirement by: 1) constructing a coherent subject area from a single department or from multiple departments with approval from her advisor; 2) earning a formal Wilson College minor; or 3) declaring a double major in another subject area.

Contact Information

Dr. Michael G. Cornelius
Department Chair
717-264-4141  ext. 3308