Majors and Concentrations

Majors in English

Students choosing to concentrate in Literary Studies will read contemporary writers as well as works of literature and philosophy that have stood the test of time. Simultaneously, students will learn how to interpret what they have read by studying new developments in critical theory. Broadly integrative in design, a concentration in Literary Studies emphasizes the shaping authority of cultural texts. It thus prepares students for graduate study and/or careers in teaching, particularly in higher education, journalism, and public service, and for jobs which require analytical ability. View the Requirements for the Literary Studies Concentration.

The concentration in Creative Writing is for students who have an abiding interest in developing their talent as novelists, short fiction or creative non-fiction writers, poets, and dramatists while still emphasizing a strong background in literary studies and general writing skills. Students in the concentration are prepared for lives as writers, which includes both career and graduate school preparation. By the end of the program students will have completed a full-length manuscript and have the necessary skills to submit their work. Students will also be prepared for graduate study in M.A., M.F.A., and Ph.D. programs emphasizing Creative Writing. The department’s emphasis on general writing skills and career-preparedness also ensures that students will be ready to enter the world of work, whether in publishing, freelance writing, or in numerous other writing-related fields. View the Requirements for the Creative Writing Concentration.

Both English concentrations lead to knowledge of literature, a heightened awareness of language, an appreciation of cultural difference, and an understanding of human relations over time.

Secondary certification in English is available. To learn more, visit the Wilson College Department of Education.

Majors in Mass Communication

Students who major in Mass Communications learn to better understand and write about the world in which they live. Mass Communications students concentrate in either Professional Writing or Media Studies.

Those students who concentrate in Professional Writing study how to write and present information for print and broadcast media outlets, as well as for the subsidiary fields of public relations and advertising. To view the requirements for the Professional Writing concentration, click here.

The Media Studies concentration covers the history and development of the mass media. Students choosing to concentrate in Media Studies learn current theories of mass and popular culture and analyze the impact of media on our society. To view the requirements for the Media Studies concentration, click here.

All Mass Communications majors write for the college newspaper, The Billboard .

A major in Mass Communications increases students’ visual and textual literacy. It thus prepares students for such occupations as advertising copywriter, editor, journalist, media specialist, and public affairs officer.