Online Solar Data Monitor

The link below shows an online solar data graph for the Fulton Farm. It shows the energy that has been generated by Wilson’s solar array at the Fulton Farm since it has been up and running. Even more exciting, it displays real-time production data for the solar array, which will vary depending on cloud cover, time of day, and temperature. Photovoltaic cells are most productive in full sun at low temperatures. Check the link now to see how many watts the array is producing in current conditions.

Also, the cumulative data, by clicking on the tabs for "week," "month," "year" or "lifetime," you can see how the solar production adds up over time. For example, by Sept. 12, 2007, the solar array had generated 1,040 kilowatt-hours of electrical power. That is enough energy to power 59 homes for one day. Additionally, by Sept. 12, the graph shows that by generating electricity with solar, Wilson had avoided emitting 3,693 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The carbon emission savings will continue to increase over the 30+ year lifetime of the farmhouse solar array.

Carbon dioxide is the principal gas that causes global warming, so this offset is helping reduce the 'carbon footprint' of the College. This is especially important because Wilson is one of a few select schools in Pennsylvania that has made a commitment to achieving carbon neutral status, which means the College would have no net emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

To view the online solar data monitor click here.

Update: December 16, 2010

Unfortunately due to damage sustained by the gateway device, this feature is not currently available. We hope to have this issue resolved in the near future.