Careers and Graduate School Opportunities

Careers in Equine Journalism

The field of Equine Journalism—both in print and online—is a growing industry. The American Horse Publications organization lists over 470 members, including publications, corporations, and other members of industry. This major is designed to apply directly to that strong niche market in journalism surrounding the equestrian industry. There are numerous publications in the field, including both regional magazines/newsletters and national publications. The field also supports online publications and some radio/television media.

Students completing the major will not be limited to working only for publications related to horses. They will also

  • be prepared to work directly in the equestrian industry, in creating marketing, sales, and technical written materials for pharmaceutical companies, horse barns, breeders, manufacturers of tack and apparel, etc.
  • be able to work in public relations and/or corporate communications for large companies in the field.
  • be able to apply their knowledge to broader media organizations and outlets that report on equestrian events (everything from local newspapers where equestrian is a popular activity to national news and media outlets that cover such activities).

Students completing the major will also appeal very strongly to associations, foundations, and non-profit organizations related to the horse/equestrian industry, as well as to the public relations/communications departments of schools/universities where equestrian studies is an important part of the program.

Once writers have worked for a publication, they are well positioned to advance to other newspapers or magazines that cover a different subject. The job prospects of individuals in the major will, ultimately, not be limited to only the equestrian field itself.

Graduate Study for Majors of Equine Journalism

Students in the major have several options should they wish to pursue graduate study upon finishing their degree. The strong emphasis on foundational aspects in writing will allow for students who wish to go on in several of the Communications fields, including Journalism and Public Relations. Though Communications is the most likely course of graduate study for an Equine Journalism major, programs in other fields related to writing – such as English or Composition – may also be possibilities. Students who wish to pursue graduate study in equestrian studies in general have varying paths to choose from, including nutrition, reproduction, exercise physiology (veterinary physiology), plus graduate programs in animal science, toxicology, etc. (There are shoeing schools, veterinary schools, veterinary tech schools, and relevant programs in law.) Students majoring in Equine Journalism may need to supplant their education with further science coursework should they wish to pursue some of these graduate options in equestrian studies, and should speak with their program faculty for further information.