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July 15 – 21

What we do when we do the thing we do before we know what we are doing: Approaches to Creative Practice, Performance and Choreography with Jeanine Durning

Starting from a place where not-knowing is not a deficit but an active, creative and generative state, we will use this workshop to develop and cultivate a daily practice that will help support each individual’s creative priorities, interests and inspirations. Using our questions as proposals for action, we will practice accepting material as it arises, and then honing our recognition of and responsiveness to that material. We will notice and locate the inherent structures in what we do and think and we will consider possibilities toward internally scoring these structures in daily performances. We will support these structures coming to form through fluidly developed strategies and tools for further immersion and then distance. These strategies include moving, writing, drawing, scoring, directing, watching, showing, sharing, listening, and discussing. Throughout the process, we’ll generate then reconsider, translate then reinterpret: action, image and content as they relate to personal interest, history and perception, and in turn, as these relate to extant themes, structures and events. At the core of the workshop is the interest and insistence on what cannot be predetermined, and a willingness to think/move/imagine in unanticipated directions.


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