Graphic Design

Graphic Arts


The concentration in graphic arts focuses on content development, with an emphasis on visual content development generation, provides an artistic rigor to the traditional graphic design major. Students in this concentration study aesthetics and visual theories of artistic development, and develop strong, creative problem-solving skills. The program’s emphasis on artistic content and creation is suited to students with an interest and background in fine arts. The program is structured to contribute to successful outcomes for graduates in a wide variety of professions, as well for those who desire graduate study in the graphic arts field.

Course Requirements

Graphic design majors fulfill both studio art and general liberal arts course requirements. All students in the program take Design 1, 2 and 3 and are required to complete an internship as part of their program. Additional coursework exposes students to a variety of artistic disciplines. Completion of a proficiency certificate in a secondary arts area (painting/drawing, photography or printmaking) is required. In the senior year, students take two senior seminars and complete a senior thesis and exhibition. 

Students who select the concentration in Graphic Arts will take the following courses:

FA 114 Drawing 1
DNC 147 Movement as Culture
FA 242 2D Design
FA WS 370 Feminist Theory: Visual Culture
FA 120 Graphic Design 1
FA 221 Graphic Design 2
FA 330 Graphic Design 3 (Web Design)
FA 355 Internship
FA 420 Senior Seminar 1
FA 422 Senior Seminar 2/Thesis Exhibition

One Art History course

In addition, all majors in graphic design must complete a proficiency certificate in a secondary arts area (painting/drawing, photography or printmaking) different from the concentration they have selected.