Get Ahead of the Class

Wilson now offers two 3+1 programs so you can get your bachelor and master degree in 4 years! Check out the Master of Humanities and Master of Accountancy for more details.


Depth of knowledge in one of the student's principal intellectual and professional interests is sought through the selection of a major in a single discipline or a major which combines two or more disciplines. Single discipline majors involve in-depth study in a specific liberal arts academic discipline. Some of these include the option of a specific track within the major.

majors at liberal arts schools
Combined majors integrate two interrelated or complementary disciplines (e.g., History and Political Science). Within these majors, areas of concentration may be available to permit in-depth study within a specific field of knowledge.

Special majors cover topics not ordinarily offered as a major at Wilson College. Special majors are individually designed interdisciplinary majors composed of two or more related fields of knowledge. Special majors are designed by students in consultation with faculty from appropriate disciplines and they must be approved by the Committee on Academic Procedure.

Double majors may be pursued under some circumstances, although they may take longer than four years to complete. Students confer with two academic advisers and meet the major requirements of both major fields of study.