International Studies

About the Major

As the world grows smaller and countries erupt into headlines, it becomes important to find an education that gives a global understanding of today's and tomorrow's problems.  The value of this kind of education goes beyond increasing one's knowledge, for it can lead to careers in expanding fields.

The broad-based program in International Studies acquaints students with the political and economic systems of various societies, gives them proficiency in at least one foreign language, and introduces them to the histories of major world areas.  This general background can be supplemented with specific studies in one or more fields.

Diplomacy is an important career option and the International Studies curriculum provides preparation for the Foreign Service.  Other career areas include: government service, international development, intelligence work, commerce, defense treasury, national security, international banking, international trade, travel agencies, international business and teaching.

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Bertin Kouadio
Department Chair
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International Studies

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