International Studies

Student Learning Goals

1. Recognize and appreciate the historical, economic, political, social, and cultural dimensions of international processes.

: Students learning will be demonstrated by the ability to

  • understand the various aspects of the current globalization and impact on areas such as trade, finance, diplomacy, foreign policy, development and security worldwide;
  • deliver effective oral presentation on any of the above topics or else;
  • effectively implement the research process in the major.

2. Effectively acquire and analyze interdisciplinary literature within the major

Outcomes: Acquisition and analysis of interdisciplinary literature will be demonstrated by the student’s ability to

  • interpret and synthesize literature;
  • critically analyze literature and engage in interdisciplinary scholarly inquiry;
  • engage analysis through both qualitative and quantitative methods.

3. Acquire some level of proficiency in a foreign language

Outcomes: Acquisition of proficiency in a foreign language will be demonstrated by the student’s ability to

  • understand and communicate effectively;
  • immerse her/himself and understand another culture other than her own.

Contact Information

Bertin Kouadio
Department Chair
717-264-4141  ext. 3320

International Studies

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