Department Course Catalogue

Courses in Communications

Completion of a Foundations course in English is required as a prerequisite for any 200-level courses in Communications. Completion of a 200-level English or Communications course is required as a prerequisite for any 300-level courses in Communications. Specific prerequisites are listed under the course description.

COM 105 Introduction to Media Communications

Development and contributions of various media to contemporary society. Historical analysis of publishing, newspapers, film, radio, television, advertising, public relations, cable, and new technologies. Includes communication theories and research methods. CC

COM 110 Effective Speaking

Development and practice of public speaking skills and rhetorical strategies. Focus is placed on informative and persuasive speaking skills with an emphasis on speech research, organization, and delivery.

COM 120 Interpersonal Communications
Survey of psychological, environmental, cultural, and socioeconomic variables that influence communication. Definition of competent communicators in a variety of situations. Exploration of appropriate tools to alter communication behavior.

COM 130 Digital Communication and Design I
Introduction to graphic design for desktop and electronic publishing in communication using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. Students will create a comprehensive media project including one-year editorial calendar, media kit, and audience analysis.

COM 201 Journalism
Development of skills required by newspaper writing and production, including
principles of interviewing, reporting, editing, and design. Feature writing, and
investigative journalism in particular, will be introduced. WI

COM 210/310 Women in the Media
Class, race and other relevant social and cultural aspects of media audiences and impact will be investigated, as well as current trends in feminist theory and criticism that come to bear on the production of popular culture in society. This course includes a service learning component. CC, WS, WI

COM 230 Interactive Communication and Design II
Introduction to web communications, including Podcasting, blogging, and e-journalism. Course will cover Basic HTML code, Content Management Systems, Cascading Style Sheets, and file conversion for electronic publishing. Prerequisites: COM 130. FT

COM 233 Integrated Marketing and Advertising
Examination of integrated communications practices, including blending of both traditional and electronic public relations and advertising practices and social media. Course will also explore integrated communication case studies and theory, exploration of creative practices in advertising, including brand concept, audience analysis, and design theory. A service-learning component is required. Prerequisite: COM 201 or instructor’s permission. CC

COM 270/370/570 Topics in Communications
Special topics offered to enhance the curriculum.

COM 303/503 Media Law in a Digital Age
Legal and ethics-based study of court rulings, and other issues that concern media practitioners, especially with respect to censorship, obscenity, libel, copyright, privacy and First Amendment rights and responsibilities. ETH, HWC, WI

COM 304/504 Media Theory

Examines the influence of traditional forms of media as well as new media technologies and the cultural conditions they establish. The course explores the history and theories of print media, communications, and digital technology, and their impact upon and implications for contemporary society and intercultural dialogue. CC, WI

COM 322 Science Writing and Communication
This course will broaden a student’s ability to effectively communicate science, in both written and oral formats. Emphasis will be placed upon the composition of journal-style articles (both primary data and review formats), properly addressing reviewer’s comments post-peer review, and oral communications in a professional setting. Pre-requisite: 3 200-level courses or higher from among the following: ANS, BIO, CHM, EQS, PHY, VMT, ENG 212; WI

COM BB Billboard Print/Online Journalism Practicum
The Practicum experience provides a simulation of the actual environment of a working newspaper. Students will write and edit copy, design paper pages, learn online news publication, sell advertising, and work on expanding the circulation of the campus newspaper, The Wilson Billboard. Can be taken as .5 or 1 course credit. Students taking course for 1 credit are required to attend a lecture component as well. Prerequisite: COM 201 or permission.