Communications (BA)

Concentration in Graphic Media

The Graphic Media concentration in Graphic Design focuses on a broader application of Graphic Design, combining courses in artistic content and creation with courses in traditional and social media writing and design. This generates the profile of a student who is very career-focused and, in many instances, may already be working in some capacity in the field. Students in this concentration will develop a foundational mixture of visual and written cultural abilities, and will be more well-rounded but less specialized than students majoring in either Graphic Arts or Communications. These students are mostly on the career track, and will be able to step into a wide variety of jobs that requires both artistic skills and writing content creation.

1) FA 114 Drawing I (intro drawing course)
2) WS 370 Feminist Theory: Visual Culture

3) FA 120 Graphic Design I
4) FA 221 Graphic Design II
5) FA 330 Graphic Design III (Web Design)

6) COM 130 Interactive Communication and Design I
7) COM 230 Interactive Communication and Design II
8) COM 233 Integrated Marketing and Advertising

9) FA 420 Senior Seminar in Graphic Media IV
10) FA 422 Thesis Exhibition in Graphic Media V

11) FA 355 Internship

In addition, all majors in Graphic Design must complete a proficiency certificate in a secondary arts area (Painting/Drawing, Photography, Printmaking, Graphic Arts, Graphic Media, Choreography) different from the concentration they have selected.