About the Major

With the increased emphasis in science-related fields on more precise modeling of real-world situations, the need for well-trained computer scientists and mathematicians is also increasing. The Mathematics and Computer Science curriculum emphasizes theory and application of mathematical and computer science principles. Obtaining a degree in Mathematics within the framework of a liberal arts curriculum strengthens the student’s understanding of the interrelationship between the sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities.

Some common choices for Mathematics and Computer Science graduates are graduate study and/or research in mathematics or computer science; teaching; or employment in the fields of business (actuarial science, economics, numerical analysis, programming), government (statistics, cryptology, operations research), and medicine (optometry, research medicine). Secondary certification in Math is available. One major is offered, Mathematics, as well as minors in both Mathematics and Computer Science. For the student interested in the management of information systems, an MIS minor is offered as part of the Business curriculum. For those students whose interest is primarily a Business major, a concentration in MIS is offered through the Business and Economics department.

Contact Information

Justin Lawrence
Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Physics
717-264-4141  ext. 3119