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The Math Club is dedicated to fostering a greater understanding of mathematics on campus.

The Math Club recently traveled to two events, a seminar on cryptology at Shippensburg University, and the Shenandoah Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics Conference at James Madison University. Check out the story:

Wilson Math Club Travels to Shippensburg and James Madison Universities for Seminar, Conference

By Natalya Yashina
President, Wilson Math Club

On Oct. 22 and 23, Alpha Delta Theta (the Math Club) of Wilson College participated in two events – one at Shippensburg University and other at James Madison University in Virginia.

On Friday, Oct. 22, seven Alpha Delta Theta members and their adviser, Dr. Karen Adams, visited SU for a seminar on cryptology presented by Tim McDevitt, a professor from Elizabethtown College. ADT member Shonnamarie Partlow, with help from other club members, participated in a cryptology simulation.

After the seminar, ADT members and Dr. Adams headed to JMU in Harrisonburg, Va., to participate in yet another event, this one called the SUMS (Shenandoah Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics) conference. This trip was made possible by a travel grant provided by JMU. The president of Alpha Delta Theta, Natalya Yashina, applied for the travel grant in July 2010. In September, she received a notification from Dr. Brown of JMU that the math club was awarded the travel grant, which included two nights at a hotel for eight members and the adviser. 

The SUMS conference started on Oct. 23 with an opening speaker, Dr. Ravi Ramakrishna from Cornell University. Dr. Ramakrishna spoke about the importance of the elliptic curves and “what it means to look at a donut arithmetically.” Over the course of the conference, ADT members selected from a variety of student presentations and faculty panels. The sessions were divided into finance-related talks, pure mathematics talks and science-related talks. Alpha Delta Theta members attended the sessions of their interest. Adria Spikes, club public relations manager, and Yashina attended finance-related talks, such as The S&P 500, Reality vs. Black Scholes Model, presented by Andrew Snyder-Beattie from University of Michigan. Brinita Ricks, ADT’s treasurer and Molly Folsom, both of whom are math majors at Wilson, found pure math talks more interesting and attended talks such as Numerical Power Series Solutions to Initial Value Ordinary Differential Equations, among others. Ovsanna Movsesyan, ADT’s publications manager and a pre-med major, attended talks related to biochemistry, such as Model Development for Lignocellulosic Biofuels, presented by Amir Ahmadi (Morehead University) and Helen Vo (UC Berkley).

During this trip, one of the ADT members was assigned a roommate from the University of California San Diego, Arlene Rodriguez. Rodriguez attended SUMS as a poster presenter and won a prize for her poster. University of California San Diego is one of the six schools in the United States that offers a Women with Children program. Rodriguez is a senior at UCSD and is enrolled in Women with Children program.

The closing ceremony speaker, Cliff Stoll of Berkeley, was quite entertaining. The topic of his presentation, Low-Dimensional Topology for Fun and Profit (or how to extract money from the 4th dimension), was very unusual. At the end of his presentation, Stoll was awarding a few items that he used during his presentation. Anush Petrosyan, Alpha Delta Theta member and a freshman from Armenia, won a Klein bottle.

Alpha Delta Theta would like to thank JMU for the travel grant and Dean Hendrickson (Wilson College) and the math department at Wilson College for providing transportation and meals. Alpha Delta Theta members are hoping to participate in SUMS next year as speakers.

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