Philosophy and Religion

About the Major

The primary mission of the Department of Philosophy and Religion is to deepen understanding of those philosophical and religious traditions most often associated with western culture and values—Christianity and western philosophy. The program also strives to acquaint students with the study of minority and non-western philosophies and religions. Students may elect to major or minor in either Philosophy or Religious Studies or to pursue an interdisciplinary minor in Ethics.

Courses in Philosophy and Religion examine fundamental issues of human existence, such as good versus evil, the meaning of life, and faith in God. Students also consider specific issues of the moral life, such as animal rights or the role of religion in public life.  Simply put, the department is devoted to helping students excel in Philosophy and Religion within the context of a women-centered community of learning.  The primary method of learning is dialogue with other students and professors about outstanding works in Philosophy and Religion.

Contact Information

David True
Department Chair
Associate Professor of Religion
717-264-4141 ext. 3396

John Elia
Associate Professor of Philosophy
717-264-4141  ext. 3114

Philosophy and Religious Studies