Philosophy and Religion

Student Learning Goals

Area A Goal: Contents of the Discipline

  1. Student displays understanding of a philosophical tradition or religion (W6)
  2. Student displays understanding of historical development within a philosophical tradition or religion (W6)
  3. Student displays understanding of philosophical or religious figures (W6)
  4. Student displays awareness of current state of the discipline (W6)
  5. Student displays awareness of sub-fields within the discipline (W6)
  6. Student displays understanding of the literature in her area of interest (W6)

 Area B Goal: Analysis and Interpretation

  1. Student reads texts critically (W2)
  2. Student identifies and restates arguments accurately (W2)
  3. Student situates texts in their socio-historical contexts (W2)
  4. Student displays familiarity with various methodologies within the discipline (W2, W3)
  5. Student engages scholarship within the discipline (W6)
  6. Student displays creativity in analysis and in argumentation (W2)

Area C Goal: Presentation of Findings/Argument

  1. Student states and defends theses persuasively (W1, W2)
  2. Student presents ideas clearly (W1, W2)
  3. Student effectively employs evidence or reasons (W1, W2)
  4. Student displays informational literacy (W3)
  5. Student displays recognition of audience (W1)

Area D Goal: Synthesis

  1. Student draws on the work of others to engage in constructive thinking (W2, W7)
  2. Student compares and contrasts critical issues across works of philosophy or religion (W2, W7)
  3. Student thinks about the discipline in relation to the larger context (W2, W7)

Contact Information

David True
Department Chair
Associate Professor of Religion
717-264-4141 ext. 3396

John Elia
Associate Professor of Philosophy
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Philosophy and Religious Studies