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Psychobiology is designed to provide the student with a basic understanding of the biological foundations of human and animal behavior. The major is interdisciplinary, incorporating courses from the fields of psychology, biology, chemistry and mathematics.

The major is designed to develop an understanding of the evolutionary, environmental and physiological factors which influence the behavior of organisms; to provide a working knowledge of basic methods and concepts applied within relevant research; and to provide an appropriate background for students who wish to pursue graduate studies or professional work in the area. The student undertaking the Psychobiology major will be encouraged to participate in appropriate research or internship projects, the goal of which is to provide the student with practical knowledge of topics introduced in the classroom. Psychobiology is designed primarily for individuals who want to pursue advanced graduate training or careers in teaching and/or research. However, the major may also serve as preparation for a career in human or animal health sciences and work involving human-animal interactions.

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