Sport Management

Course Requirements

Economics of Sports

The course would examine public policy questions about professional and college sports using economic models of sports industries. Topics would include theory of the firm, the organization of sports and entertainment industries, the effects of Title IX on sports funding allocations and gender equality, public financing of sports facilities, determining the true costs of athletic programs at the college level, sports labor markets, racial discrimination and pricing schemes specific to sports markets.

Fundamentals of Financial Reporting

This course provides a basic knowledge of the accounting process, the creation and interpretation of the basic financial statements, such as the income statement or profit/loss statement, the balance sheet, the statement of retained earnings and the cash flow statement, and the components of the budgetary process. Students will be introduced to and develop a competency in the application of some of the major software packages in financial reporting, such as tax software and accounting software. The students would also learn the fundamentals of the time value of money.

Foundations of Sport Management

An introductory view of the skills and information necessary for a career in the sport industry.  Topics covered reflect the core competencies for sport management including management and leadership in the sport industry, sport finance, sport facility and event management, sport governance, ethics in the sport industry and more.

This curriculum encompasses all core components outlined by NASSM/NASPE for undergraduate key content areas of the sport management field.

ACC 109   Fundamentals of Financial Reporting
ATH 240    Principles of Coaching and Officiating/Judging
BUS 124    Introduction to Management
BUS 223    Marketing Management
BUS 225    Business Law
BUS 326    Human Resource Management
ECO 110  Economics of Sport
ESS 114   Foundations of Sport Management
ESS 225    Women in Sport
ESS 320    Administrative Aspects of Exercise and Sport Science
ESS 330    Psycho-Social Aspects of Sport
ESS 335    Internship
MCM 120   Interpersonal Communications
PHI 226     Business Ethics

Select one of the following:

ENG 112    Business Writing
ENG 212    Technical Writing
MCM 201   Journalism I

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