Free ballet classes offered every Monday evening from 6:00-7:15 in the Appenzellar-Buchanan Dance Studio. Classes are open to anyone from the Chambersburg community and are taught by Nancy Walker and Beth Skroban.

Orchesis will present the Fall Concert on November 8, 9 in the Appenzellar-Buchanan Dance Studio. For more information contact Paula Kellinger at 717-2644141, extension 3274 or email

Nicole Zvarik will be the dance Artist in Residence from October 6th – October 13th. Ms. Zvarik currently choreographs, performs, and teaches in San Francisco, California. She graduated from Wilson College in 2003 with majors in Sociology and Dance.

Opportunities for Intensive Study in Dance

Work with guest artists in choreographic intensives. Recent artists include:

Alexandra Beller
  Erin Carlisle-Norton
J ulie Mayo   Jeanine Durning
Brendan McCall  
  Raymond Shaw
RoseAnne Spradlin   Susan Rethorst
SUPA offers 3 one-week workshops.

Relevant Goals of the Program

  • Provide theoretical and creative experiences to help the student to develop an understanding of the art of dance
  • Provide exceptional training in choreographic methods, modern and ballet techniques and historical perspectives
  • Produce graduates who have versatility, a strong aesthetic and dance skills and life-long appreciation of dance and other arts

Student Learning Objectives

Students will:

  1. Obtain an appreciation for high level of technical mastery
  2. Acquire a significant body of theoretical and historical knowledge pertaining to the dance field
  3. Be capable of producing work and solving professional problems independently, and develop a coherent set of artistic/intellectual goals, which are evident in their work.

More Information


Paula Kellinger
717-264-4141 ext. 3274 
Departments and Positions:
Fine Arts, Professor of Dance
School Extension 3274

Paula Claire Kellinger


Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY; MFA Dance                                     
Adelphi University, Garden City, LI, NY; BFA Dance, BA Sociology/Anthropology

Director/Founder with Susan Rethorst of SUPA  
2005 - current

Wilson College, Chambersburg Pennsylvania
1989 – current     Professor of Dance

Kanon Dance Company/Academy, St. Petersburg, Russia
Fall 2005, resident choreographer/teacher

Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, Slazburg, Austria
Fall 2005, resident choreographer/master teacher

Academia Del’Arte, Arezzo, Italy
Fall 2005, resident choreographer/master teacher

Universita Perugia, Perugia, Italy
Fall 2005, resident choreographer/master teacher

Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
1992 – 2004, Adjunct Assistant Professor in Dance History


2012    the quiet dance  (Hillyer Art Space, Washington DC)
2012   rain   (Hillyer Art Space, Washington, DC)
2011   some(body) is here
2011   crumble                                                                                
2009   SS46D&6C
2008   “what she saw…”
2007   Gloomy Gus
2006   Eyes
2005   Face Fractures
2004   'consider this…’
2003   A Nod to the Land of Mourning
2002   Tonno
2002   Backslash
2001   Stiamo Tutte Bene
2000   Fields and Fields of Fennel
2000   Tea Wafers
2000   Among Her Souvenirs

Works choreographed prior to 2000 provided upon request.


Donald Bletz Outstanding Teaching Award 2012, 2000, 1997
Wilson College Summer Research Stipend 2011, 2008, 2002
Sabbatical Leave Fall 2005
Mazur Professorship 2003
Best Director Grand Prix Italia 2002
NEA Choreographic Fellowship 1999
PSCA Choreographic Fellowship 1999, 1996


Susan Rethorst
Wendy Perron
Meredith Monk
Trisha Brown Apprentice
Brendan McCall
Laura Dean