Peace and Conflict Studies

Peace Studies is a multi-disciplinary approach to studying the alternatives to violence and conflict from interpersonal to international settings. The goal of Peace Studies is to focus on issues of global concerns such as war, roots of violence, social movements, and nonviolent alternatives in a mindset that looks beyond the nation-state system. A related field, Conflict Analysis and Resolution, has grown from the search for alternatives to violent solutions to interpersonal, group, and international conflict.  The minor brings together the strength of the academic and nonstate orientation of Peace Studies and the applied orientation of Conflict Resolution.

Students in the minor study the foundations of the field through three required courses. As an interdisciplinary minor, students are encouraged to select additional courses from the approved list, based on what best extends their own interests or major area of study. A minor in Peace and Conflict Studies prepares students widely for employment in the nonprofit sector, human services, international service, or mediation centers in communities or state programs. It also serves as preparation for graduate school in the humanities and social sciences, or law school.