Minor in Theater

Required Courses

THE 100: Techniques of Acting I (.5 credit)
THE 200: Techniques of Acting II (.5 credit)
THE 340: Independent Project in Theater (1 credit)

ENG 290 Shakespeare’s Tragedies and Romances
ENG 345 Shakespeare’s Comedies and Histories

Besides the required courses, students must choose three courses from the following:

ENG 220: Creative Writing
ENG 325: Topics in Creative Writing: Drama
ENG 232: Modern Drama
ENG 236: British Literature 1200-1700
DNC 151: Dance Technique
DNC ORC: Dance Production/Orchesis (for one credit)
COM 110: Effective Speaking
MUS 116: Introduction to Music
THE KP: Acting Practicum (for one credit)
THE 355: Internship

For the minor, a minimum of three of the courses must be completed at the 200-level or higher. Students who major in English and wish to minor in Theater may only count two English courses towards the minor. Students may also petition the program coordinator to have relevant topics courses at the 200 or 300 levels counted towards the minor.