Women's Studies

Required courses for a minor in Women's Studies

SOC 215 Women in Society
PS 221/321 Women in Global Perspective
WS 222 Introduction to Feminist Perspectives

In addition, in consultation with the major advisor and the coordinator of the Women’s Studies Program, the student will select four electives, at least one of which must be a 300- level course other than an Internship.

Other courses in Women's Studies include:
WS 225            Women in Science
WS 270/370     Topics in Women's Studies
DNC 235/335   Survey of Women in American Modern Dance
ENG 204          Women Writers
ENG 235          Film Genres and Genders
FA 238             Women Artists and Women in Art
FRN 272/372   Topics in French and Francophone Women Writers
HIS 212            Women in Medieval Civilization
HIS 320            Women in Early Modern England
HIS 306            The European Witch Craze
MCM 210/310   Women and the Media
PHI 240            Feminist Philosophy
PS 207             Women in American Business and Government
PS 221/321      Women in Global Perspective
PS 310             Law and Social Change: Women and Minorities
PSY 210           Women's Sexualities
PSY 215           Psychology of Women
PSY 319           Contemporary Issues in the Psychology of Women
RLS 216           Women and Religious Traditions
SOC 215          Women in Society
SOC 232          Qualitative Methods and Feminist Research
SPN 338          Latin American Women Writers