ADP Housing

In the tradition of our mission, adult students pursuing a degree or seeking teacher certification can live in campus housing. They may live in a residence hall on a full-time or part-time basis while taking classes during the academic year.

They are also able to join traditional students in Summer Housing if they are taking summer courses (summer housing is consolidated into one residence hall, traditionally South Hall). Housing is only for the student; no family, friends, or pets are permitted to reside in the room. Beginning Fall 2014, male ADP students will also be able to to reside on campus.

ADP students are together in an area slightly apart from traditional students as we recognize the needs and habits of adult students tend to vary from those of traditional students. Rooms are furnished with a bed, dresser, desk, desk chair, bookshelf and closet. Only one ADP student would ever be assigned to an individual room (ADP residents do not have roommates). All furniture issued in the room must remain in the room at all times. Residents share common bathroom, kitchen, lounge and laundry space. Laundry is free for residential students. Each room has an internet connection and there is Wi-Fi throughout the residence hall. Lounges on each floor are equipped with an internet-enabled TV and a DVD/VCR player; vending machines are also available on the 1st floor.

ADP students opting into on-campus housing are required to complete Health History, meningitis, FIFRA, and health insurance forms prior to assuming occupancy as is required of all residential students. ADP students also must make a housing deposit prior to being issued a key; this deposit is separate from the housing charge and is not covered by financial aid. The deposit is held in a non-interest bearing account until the student's time with Wilson concludes. (Traditional students also make this deposit; it is a part of their enrollment deposit.)

Full Residency Options

ADP students enrolled full time in a degree-seeking capacity are able to contract for full academic year housing (including J-Term and breaks) or can opt for full semester residency (no J-Term). Full residency students are required to select a meal plan as well from one of the four available options (Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Phoenix); graduate students are exempt from this requirement. Full residency students enjoy the same privileges as traditional students, including pet ownership (please read the full Pet Policy) and ability to opt into our amenity options like the microfridge and bed loft. More information is available on the Residence Life pages.

Part-Time Residency Options

ADP students enrolled part-time may contract housing for specific nights per week. We offer several levels to allow student to select the option that best fits their needs and class schedule. The student selects specific nights each week that they intend to stay on campus for the duration of the semester at the time of room agreement signing. The student picks up and returns their room key on this predetermined schedule each night they stay. While in residence, the student has full use of the facilities. The student must remove their belongings from the room every week when they turn in their key but the student does keep the same room assignment week to week. Again, these students have the ability to opt into one of the meal plans if desired although it is not required.

2014-2015 ADP Rates

Residency Option Cost
Full Academic Year Residency (including J-term) $5592.00 (annual)
Full Semester Residency (no J-Term) $5390.00 (annual)
Four Nights per Week $1540.00 (semester)
Three Nights per Week $1155.00 (semester)
Two Nights per Week $  770.00 (semester)
One Night per Week $  385.00 (semester)


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