General Information

The Adult Degree Program (ADP) is Wilson College’s associate and bachelor degree completion program for male and female students who are at least four years beyond high school graduation or GED completion, or for students who want to complete a second bachelor’s degree.

Wilson offers baccalaureate degrees in more than 40 majors at the main campus in Chambersburg through day, evening and weekend courses. Selected majors are also available at various sites in Carlisle and Harrisburg through evening courses.

The following majors can be completed exclusively with evening courses:

  • Accounting
  • Business Management
  • Elementary Education
  • English
  • Management Information Systems

Life as an ADP student

At Wilson College, faculty, administration and staff are committed to regarding each student as an individual, offering the best possible environment for learning. In order for you to take the best advantage of what Wilson has to offer, we also need your full commitment to your studies during the semesters that you are taking courses. We know that adult students have many demands on their time, but need for you to understand that we must preserve the integrity of our teaching and learning efforts.

Advising, Pre-Registration

Planning is of utmost importance when pre-registering or registering. Your best chance to start out well in each semester is to plan your courses with your advisor. Students will pre-register every semester on the dates published by the Registrar. All ADP matriculated students are expected to pre-register through the online Campus Web system. Make an appointment with your advisor to formulate a plan to complete your degree requirements. Dates and deadlines are listed in the course brochure which is published on Wilson’s web site twice each year. If you are uncertain of the name of your advisor, call the Adult Degree Program office at 717-262-2025.

Your advisor will be glad to set up an appointment with you at any time; however, professors and instructors are usually not available when school is not in session. We must depend on you to take the initiative to tell us about any changes that you plan to make; and remember, it is essential that you keep the Financial Aid Office informed at all times about changes in plans and financial circumstances. Failing to do so could cost you money.

** Education majors have special requirements they must meet which will be explained to you. If you have an interest in becoming certified to teach in the public schools, let your advisor know as soon as possible.

Declaring a Major

Adult Degree Program students declare their majors when they are accepted to Wilson College or at least upon reaching junior status. This is the major on record with the Wilson College Registrar unless changed by the student with approval by the academic advisor.

To change a major, the student needs to contact their advisor and fill out a Change of Degree form. This form can only be obtained through the Registrar’s office and must be filed prior to graduation. The original will then be given to the Registrar’s Office and placed in the student’s academic file.

Earning ADP Credits

Below is a description of the several ways in which students in the Adult Degree Program may earn Wilson College credit.

Transfer Credit

  • Each 3 or 4 semester hour course equals 1 Wilson College course credit
  • A maximum of 9 course credits will be accepted toward an associate degree
  • A maximum of 22 course credits will be accepted toward a bachelor degree
  • At least 50% of the major course requirements must be completed at Wilson College
  • Preliminary transcript evaluations will be completed to determine transfer credits
  • The Wilson College Registrar will make the final determination of which credits may be accepted

College and University Course Work

To receive credit for previous college work, official transcripts and course descriptions from the college(s) or university is required. Wilson College will accept most previous course work with the following taken into consideration:

  • The institution must be accredited.
  • You must have earned a grade of C or better.
  • A course must comprise at least 3 semester hours to be considered equivalent to a Wilson College course.
  • A course must be either equivalent to one offered by Wilson or one that would be considered within the scope of a liberal arts education.

CLEP Examinations

Up to five CLEP exams for a total of nine course transfer credits may be satisfied by CLEP examinations, whether general or subject. Acceptance is determined by test scores in conjunction with the Registrar. If you have taken these standardized tests prior to acceptance into Wilson, please discuss this with your advisor at one of your first interviews.

If you elect, in consultation with your advisor, to take CLEP examinations after enrollment, credit earned will be considered part of the courses allowed as transfer credit.

Non-Collegiate Learning

Credit for specific courses in the Wilson catalog may be granted through non-collegiate learning. The learning may have been job-related, for personal enrichment, or an educational program sponsored, for example, by private industry, the U.S. Armed Services, or a government agency. Credit is awarded for knowledge and skills acquired, not just for participation in such activities, and may be applied to any Wilson College academic requirements except the Capstone Project.

To earn credit for non-collegiate learning the student prepares a portfolio documenting the learning acquired. Guidelines for preparation of the portfolio may be found in the Non-Collegiate Learning Portfolio Handbook, which is available in the Registrar's Office. The student pays a fee for the portfolio, and it should be prepared only after careful consultation with a professor in the discipline.

** Please note that no more than 9 course credits may be earned or transferred in a combination of CLEP examinations and non-collegiate learning portfolio.

ADP Degree

Upon acceptance into a program, you will be assigned an academic advisor who assists in the preparation of your course plan. This plan will outline the equivalent of the 36 Wilson courses for the Bachelor’s Degree. After successful completion of the course of study, you will receive the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science degree, depending upon the major you have chosen.

The Major

The specific courses required for the major vary, depending on the major (and, often, the concentration) that is selected. Approximately 14 courses will complete the major requirements in most areas. Refer to the Wilson College catalogue for the requirements in your chosen major.


The balance of the 36 course credits required may be taken in courses of your choice. You may wish to add depth in your major area through an academic minor, explore a secondary area of interest, or broaden your general knowledge. It's up to you.

The Minor

A minor is designed to provide opportunities for depth outside the major field of study. Students may select one or more of the minors offered by the College. Courses required by the major, which are outside the primary field of study, may be used to satisfy requirements for the minor. To declare a minor, contact an academic advisor or the Registrar’s Office at least two semesters prior to graduation.

Second Baccalaureate Degree

Wilson College offers the opportunity for students to earn a second baccalaureate degree through ADP. Applications may be accepted from students who have earned a baccalaureate degree from Wilson College or from another regionally accredited college or university. The following requirements apply.

  • A minimum of nine additional course credits must be completed successfully at Wilson College.
  • A student must satisfy the degree requirements as stated above. Degree requirements may be satisfied by comparable courses taken previously, although requirements in the new major must be approved by the faculty.
  • All Foundations and liberal studies course requirements are waived.
  • At least 50 per cent of the major requirements must be completed at Wilson.
  • Courses taken to satisfy requirements of the first baccalaureate degree may not be repeated for credit in the second baccalaureate degree unless required by the faculty.
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