Letterkenny Educational/Training Partnership

In February, 2008, Letterkenny Army Depot formed an educational/training partnership with Wilson College to serve Letterkenny Army Depot employees, contractors, tenants, and others with Letterkenny covering the educational expenses for its employees. A grant of $400,000 was successfully obtained by the late state Sen. Terry Punt. 

This allowed for the renovation of Building 102 into a state-of-the-art education facility. The Training Center, as it is named, was completed in spring 2008. The purpose for the partnership is to provide on-going college-credit classes for employees. At the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement, Letterkenny’s progressive leadership was acknowledged, recognizing the importance of higher education and strengthening employee skills. Employees are able to enroll in Wilson classes both in Building 102 and at the college with tuition and fees paid by Letterkenny.

Since the first classes were offered in summer 2008, Letterkenny employees have enrolled in classes as either non-degree or degree seeking students.

Employees are required to talk with their supervisors about their personal development and desire for continuing education. Paperwork needs to be completed, specifically SF182, and permission must be obtained. For questions on Letterkenny, contact the Human Resource Specialist on base.

After paperwork is completed, employees may  contact Beverly Evans, Director of Adult Degree Program Admissions at 717-262-2025 for more information.