What International Students are Saying about Wilson College

Elsa Camuamba from Angola

The opportunities I’ve been furnished with at Wilson range from meeting diverse Wilson scholars and building solid, long-lasting friendships to delving into the exciting streets of Paris. My study-abroad in Paris in the spring of ’08 marked an experience of a lifetime. Not only do I feel I’ve grown more culturally aware, but I’ve also honed my French-speaking skills. Also, at Wilson, I have the privilege to be taught by professors who really care about my academic progress, and I’ve benefitted from this immensely. Wilson provides the resources necessary for concretizing your goals and ambitions - whatever they may be.”

Majors: Economics and Business

Jing Luan from China

International students are provided with many special opportunities, such as the friendly family program and international student trips, which help students get used to life abroad quickly, enable them to understand many perspectives of the United States and make connections with people all over the world.”

Major: Biology

Nikola Grafnetterova from the Czech Republic

Being a student at Wilson College helped me to find the right path for me in life. I always loved playing field hockey, but attending Wilson and doing work-study in the Athletic Department helped me to recognize my passion for sports. Now I am a sport management and psychology major, and I minor in athletic coaching. I would like to coach field hockey and have a job related to sports in the future.”

Majors: Sports Management and Psychology

Teslote Eyob Tadesse from Ethiopia

I recommend Wilson because of the variety of programs it offers its international students. One experience that I really enjoyed and learned a lot from is the NMUN (National Model United Nation) program. For this, I went to Washington D.C. and New York, and I had a chance to explore what it is like to be a diplomat. After this, I became more certain in my major and my choices for the future.”

Major: International Relations

Mariam Khalifeh from Lebanon

What I most like about Wilson is the close student-professor and student-student relationships. Professors are ready to put all their efforts into supporting students academically and helping them achieve their goals. In addition, I like the fact that Wilson College operates under an honor principle. Having such a principle develops academic and personal integrity in the Wilson community.”

Double Major: Biology & Chemistry

Jaerin Ahn from the Republic of Korea

One might assume that it would be challenging for international students to face a whole new world, but for me, spending a year at Wilson as an exchange student was one of the most memorable and pleasant experiences I have ever had. The reason I most appreciate Wilson is that the College continuously pays attention to international students. The Friendly Family program and the shuttle for international students have helped me get used to college life easily. Along with that, the close relationship between professors and students has encouraged me to study hard and improve my English skills.”

Major: English

Iuliana Matalica from Romania

I think becoming a student at Wilson was one of the best decisions I made in my life. It is a place where you will feel like you’re part of a big family. Faculty, staff and students are very welcoming and friendly, and are pleased to have international students and listen to students’ experiences from their home countries. International students will have the chance to experience and learn new things. Attending Wilson College can be a great opportunity for international students to get a high-quality education and learn how to be successful in their careers.”

Major: Accounting

Mariza Cooray from Sri Lanka

Coming to Wilson with the opportunity to read for my bachelor’s degree in international relations was the beginning of a stream of opportunities. Wilson has not only displayed all the proverbial ‘windows’ as options, but has also given me the opportunity to open the ones most suited to my academic interests and to gaze beyond the present. Wilson supported my study abroad in Beijing China as well as in London.”

Majors: International Economic Development

Seemal Mushtaq from Pakistan

"I have enjoyed my time here and learned a lot. More than I anticipated. I feel like I have changed completely, I think it happens when one is away from their family, friends and everything familiar. I got to see everything from a different perspective and well, a better view. I am not the same person anymore because I have realized that I want very different things in life now. So you can imagine how much of an impact an experience like this can have!

Wilson is an amazing and helpful community. You have something very beautiful here and I know you all will be able to preserve it. I found Chambersburg very different from Islamabad. Even though the population and size shocked me in the start but it has been the kindness, humbleness and positiveness of your city that has shocked me to the core. I go back having met some the nicest people in a very supportive community.

Major: Environmental Science
International student biology