Meal Plans

All residential students are required to participate in the meal plan.  Meal plan selections are for the entire academic year (both fall and spring semesters).  Students may change their plan between fall and spring semesters only, with a $10 processing fee.  This is not applicable to first year freshman students. Any remaining meals at the end of the semester are forfeited and there are NO refunds.  All students must have their Wilson student ID card to eat in Jensen Dining Hall.

Students with special dietary needs must contact the Director of Dining Services.

All prices are subject to change. 

Meal Prices

Continental Breakfast Hot Breakfast Brunch Lunch Dinner
$3.30 $5.50
Guests $4.00
Staff $1.50

* Students not on meal plan

Guests and students (not on the meal plan) should pay the cashier at the door before entering the dining hall. Children under 10 are charged half-price.