Regional Clubs

Wilson College alumnae/i keep in touch through events sponsored by regional clubs or the Alumnae/i Relations Office. Below is a list of active clubs.


The Pittsburgh Club is 111 years old; celebrating their 100th anniversary in 2000. The Club has two regional meetings a year: one in the spring and one in the fall. All alumnae/i and friends of Wilson College are welcome to attend these events. The Club actively supports Wilson by contributing to the Annual Fund and raising money for scholarships and internships to support current students.

 Current Club Officers
  • Phyllis Kaspareit Davidson '52
  • Jane Taylor Fox '59
  • Celeste Van Sickel Gallup '49
  • Carol Schaaf Heppner '64
  • Barbara Fulton Hinton '51
  • Kathryn Kelley Karns '74
  • Bonnie Brindley Morris '69
  • Gretchen Sahler Patterson '68

For additional information about the Pittsburgh Club or upcoming events, please contact the Alumnae/i Relations Office at or (717) 262-2010.

Contact Information

Alumnae/i Relations Office