Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

The Wilson College Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) primary concern is issues dealing with student-athlete well being.  The committee deals with issues such as pending NCAA legislation, academic standards, facilities, ethics, and departmental policies, philosophy and procedures.

The Mission of the Willson College SAAC is to promote the highest levels of athletic competition and represent he need of all student-athletes with the conference.  The committee is also dedicated to abiding by all NCAA Division III and NEAC philosophies and legislation while promoting and fostering the ideals of: Sportsmanship, Ethics, Recognition, Leadership, Growth, Development, Success, Pride, Dedication, Dignity, Academic Excellence, Student-Athlete Welfare, and The Student-Athlete Voice.

Members are appointed by their coach, and serve as a representative of their team and a liaison between the student-athletes and the athletic department.

2013-2014 Members 

Courtney Bernecker
Patrick Fox
Katie Omori
Vanessa Whitfield
Brittney Poff
Megan Schneck
Katie Wingerd
Jenny Miller
Audrae Westurn
Nicole Bodulow
Hillary Swartz
Morgan Wonders
Taylor Crouse
Faith Ricker
Alexis Ankro
Caileigh Oliver