Recruit Information Center

Welcome to the Wilson College information center for prospective student-athletes. We are pleased to have this opportunity to share information about our athletic department and student-athletes.

We are looking for individuals who will succeed both academically and athletically. We believe in the balance and the importance of both aspects in your life and the lessons you learn from each. The Wilson Athletic Department strives to recruit student-athletes who are looking for a quality NCAA Division III program and strong academic environment. We look forward to working with you in the future, and we hope that you chose to continue your athletic career at Wilson.

Campus Visits

We believe that every student-athlete is unique and we want your campus visit to reflect what is most important to you. Every visit is structured to provide a campus tour, meeting with your admissions counselor, meeting with a financial aid officer, and the opportunity to meet with your potential coach and members of your future team.

In addition, we want you to excel academically so we try to arrange classes and/or a meeting with a faculty member in the area of your interest.

To schedule a visit, please pick out several dates that work best in your schedule and simply email  Shelly Novak, athletic recruiting coordinator, at Once we receive your email, we will arrange an itinerary that accommodates as many of your interests and needs, as possible.  

Please find additional information and required forms in the column to the right.

Transfer Students

If you are a student-athlete at another institution, transfer student regulations will apply. Please be sure that you have completed the appropriate forms and permissions prior to speaking with an athletics representative at Wilson (this includes current student-athletes).  If you have any questions, please feel free to email Shelly Novak at or the admissions transfer counselor Kathy Baker at

Please find to the right an NCAA requirement for all Divisions III transfer student-athletes, who would like to talk to a coach at Wilson College. If you are transferring from a different division, other requirements may apply.  Please contact you admissions counselor with any questions pertaining to athletics and transfer regulations.  You should fax the completed form to the attention of Athletics at: 717-264-1578.

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