Wilson College sponsors nine NCAA Division III sports. For additional information for each sport, please click under sports menu.

Wilson athletes are committed to academics, athletics, and campus life.  Most Wilson students play at least one of six intercollegiate sports. As a member of NCAA Division III, the North Eastern Athletic Conference, and the Eastern College Athletic Conference, Wilson athletes participate in a quality Division III atmosphere where athletics, by their ability to improve self-esteem, promote leadership, and encourage social development, are considered an integral part of the woman-centered education environment.

Academically, our students have the opportunity to obtain a degree of their choice while supplementing their collegiate experience with a trans-disciplinary background.  This type of education not only prepares them for specific job placement, it provides them with a foundation to succeed in all areas of life.

Mission Statement

Wilson College's athletic program is considered an integral part of our education environment. This experience offers students an opportunity to participate in a quality Division III program at a women's college that contributes to the development of strong leadership skills while emphasizing teamwork, fair play and personal development.