Season Record: 3-1

Team Schedule

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Away Game Directions Note that if an away game does not show up it is because it is played at a separate location. Please click on that individual game to get that information.

Date Opponent   Departure Start End Return Info
10/6 2013 Fall Game Day (Scrimmage) Home           Info
10/6 Lancaster Bible College (Tournament) Home   9:00am 10:30am      
10/6 Potomac State (Tournament) Home   3:00pm 4:30pm      
10/6 Penn State Mont Alto (Tournament) Home   4:30pm 6:00pm      
2/22 Peace College Tournament Away            
3/1 Southern Virginia University Away   1:00pm 4:00pm   9-6 Highlights
3/31 College of Saint Elizabeth Home   1:00pm 4:00pm     Info
4/5 Gallaudet University Away   1:00pm 4:00pm     Info
4/6 Penn State Abington Home   2:00pm 6:00pm     Info
4/9 Lancaster Bible College Home   3:30pm 6:30pm     Highlights
4/12 Lancaster Bible College Away           Highlights
4/13 Penn State Berks Home   1:00pm 4:00pm     Highlights
4/17 College of Saint Elizabeth Home   1:30pm 6:00pm     Info
4/21 Penn State Berks Away   3:00pm 6:00pm     Info
4/23 College of Saint Elizabeth Away   3:00pm 6:00pm     Info
4/26 Gallaudet University Home   1:00pm 4:00pm     Info
4/28 Penn State Abington Away   2:00pm 6:00pm     Info
5/2 NEAC Finals Away            
5/10 NCAA Regionals TBD            
5/16 NCAA Super Regionals TBD            
5/22 NCAA Finals TBD            
3/7 North Carolina Wesleyan Away   1:00pm 6:00pm      

Team Info

Coach: Bret Cline

Assistant Coach- Rick Phelps

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