PUSH: Persist Until Something Happens

Byline: by Amanda Clever

Posted: November 16, 2012

In this segment, we will be discussing Pizza Talk results, a brief summary of the main highlights from the weekly meetings, and information on what your WCGA Executive Council is doing for you.

One event that helps to utilize a student's voice is WCGA's monthly Pizza Talk, where students can come to an informal get together to express their concerns and comments about everything occurring on the Wilson campus. To reiterate: these meetings are a time for students to learn about what is going on campus and how they can best use their voice to its greatest potential with confidence.

On Wed, Nov. 8, WCGA had their third Pizza Talk of the semester. The agenda included a heavy discussion about the Commission and what students liked and disliked from what was presented to them among the draft recommendations. There was also a great turnout- 40 students! It was a great night of fun getting to hear everyone's voice, and eating good pizza.

The main concern for all students was that the recommendation to go co-educational was still on the table. Many students do not know how Wilson will stay a "women-centered institution" if there are male students under 24 years of age allowed to enroll in the College for Women. Wilson already has the Adult Degree Program, which just celebrated its 30th anniversary, for men and women over 24 years of age who want to have the opportunity to experience Wilson's unique education. By going co-ed, Wilson College is destroying one tradition that survived the losing battle of many traditions left in the past. Wilson will lose its uniqueness of being a women's college, and enter the world full of co-educational institutions. This college was founded by two men who believed there was a need for a college to teach women in courses other than homemaking and being the perfect wife. This college was founded to empower women to spread their wings and become what they dream to be. Another student said it would not be fair to the men because the education is centered on females and they are being singled out, which implies discrimination towards the minority - in this case, males.

In other news, due to students' opinion, WCGA moved their weekly meeting to the Bowl of the Jensen Dining Hall so that all students can attend the meetings. WCGA wants to thank all students that attended the Commission meetings and the Pizza Talk event. All of you are taking the first steps in utilizing your voice and realizing your greatest potential. This shows that Wilson College is doing something right by empowering women to have a voice in order to survive in the real world and want to use it.

November is a special month in that WCGA started a new initiative called Student of the Month. For November, the student of the Month was Maggie Sipps '13 for her outstanding speech made at the November 1st Commission meeting on why Wilson should stay a Women's College. This act of confidence is a much needed step in helping other ladies of Wilson College push towards the finish line and be the next one to stand up and say what they believe in. This act awards Sipps with a gift card for this great honor. WCGA encourages all students to PUSH farther than what you think the limit is for yourself - it might surprise how much PUSH you have.

Last Updated: February 23, 2013

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