People Share Love of Literature, Language through Poetry

Byline: by Jeehee Won

Posted: December 5, 2012

The International Multilingual Poetry Reading was held in Patterson Lounge on Sat, Oct. 27.

"Poetry is the breath and finer spirit of all knowledge." -- William Wordsworth, famous British poet.

At 3 :30 p.m., students from different countries, professors interested in poetry and alumna were in attendance at the event. 34 participants recited poems in seventeen different languages such as Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Nepalese, Armenian and French. Participants brought their favorite poem by a favorite poet in their chosen language, and they recited it in front of their audience. Even though the audience did not always understand the poetry, they enjoyed the sharing of languages and hearing beautiful sounds in the rhythm and melody of poetry.

The purpose of this poetry reading is to bringing people together. People can interact even though they speak different languages and have different backgrounds, provenances and languages. The International Multilingual Poetry Reading is a way of social networking that brings people together in the same time and place.

Students who participated in the Poetry Reading appreciate the opportunity. "I participated in the Poetry Reading because I think it is a great opportunity to share the languages you speak with those who are interested in foreign languages and at the same time get to listen to poetry read in many other beautiful languages. It was a very enjoyable experience; I am very glad I took advantage of this event and got to meet people who share the same interest toward poetry and languages," says Anush Petrosyan '14. She read poems in two different languages; one in Armenian by Paruyr Sevak and the other one in Russian.

This event provided an opportunity for international students to show others what their language and the poetry of their home country sounds like, as well as to hear the sound of the poetry and languages that the rest of them speak. Jose Cordova, Prof. of Spanish and chair of the Dept. of Foreign Languages, encourages students to participate in the Poetry Reading.

"Read a poem in any language that you would like. We don't want to politicalize things in the modern sympathetic experience. This is just beautiful poetry and I want to read it and share it with you," says Cordova.

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