Meet Brian Speer, New VP of Marketing and Communication

Byline: by Jisoo Kim

Posted: December 5, 2012

Brian Speer is the new Vice President for Marketing and Communications at Wilson.

Speer wants to help Wilson as it begins the process of redefining its image. Marketing and communications help tell the story of an institution, like Wilson, and it helps serve many other functions like enrollment and advancement. According to Speer, he thinks Wilson is doing a good job creating energy and enthusiasm around its future and Speer wants to part of it

He thinks that Wilson's issue is very common for a college that has not stepped back and thought about who they are and how they want to move forward. That was part of the strategic planning process two years ago and is now part of the Commision's current process. The community has stepped back and is taking a look at who it is and what direction it will go in and that really serves as the foundation for the work he does.

The reason he decided to come to Wilson is the process of the Comission and the energy in the community around moving the college forward. The opportunity to establish and build a new department is an exciting challenge for him. He felt Wilson College has strong leadership potentials. He also came to Wilson because, "Chambersburg is close to both my wife's family and mine. That is important to both of us," says Speer.

Speer earned a graphic design degree at Ohio University and became a designer. He took on marketing at Colby College as it became more prominent in higher education. However, overtime, his job at the college evolved. He was concerned with when people were doing jobs, who the audience was, what the people were saying and what people were trying to achieve with what they were doing. He thinks this is the heart of marketing.

Speer says his life motto is, "Keep moving." He likes learning new things, doing new things and trying to do them well. As long as he is able to keep doing that, it makes him happy. He tries to be open to learning new things because he never knows what direction his life will take him.

He suggests his own way to overcome this slump for Wilson students. If he gets in a rut, he stops and just puts himself in a totally different environment, so when he comes back he can approach things with a refreshed outlook.

Last Updated: February 23, 2013

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