What is the “We ♥ Wilson” Campaign?

Byline: by Sherri Sadowski

Posted: February 24, 2013

Throughout the spring semester, you will see a variety of initiatives and programs under the We ♥ Wilson umbrella. What is We ♥ Wilson?

It is an attempt to raise awareness about all of the wonderful things our community offers, and to positively affirm those who make our community a strong, welcoming family. It is way for us to refocus on why students, staff, and faculty choose Wilson and stay at Wilson in a way that hopefully builds strength, resilience, and faith in our community.

What is We ♥ Wilson?

Created by Resident Assistants, Residence Life launched the program at Convocation on Tues, Feb. 12 with pride buttons, pride cards, and the “With Wilson We Stand” banner. We had tables out this week and will again in the future to continue making pride buttons where any member of the Wilson community can pick up a pre-made button or design their own answering the prompt “What do you love about Wilson?” There will even be a competition for best design! At the tables we will also be collecting statements from folks about “Why I love Wilson,” which will be transformed into a poster campaign later in the semester.

Daisy Pride Cards

The We ♥ Wilson pride cards are for use by any member of the Wilson community as well. These are meant to help promote attendance at the amazingly diverse opportunities offered in our community. These small blue cards bordered with daisies should be presented at any campus event sponsored by ResLife, Campus Activities Board (CAB), Wilson College Government Association (WCGA), Athletics, Chaplaincy, Counseling, or Conferences & Special Events, and also individual residence hall programs. Each of these organizations has a special hole punch to mark your card. Keep getting “daisies” to win prizes.

We are also launching a pay-it-forward bracelet program recognizing those who are acting in accordance with our Honor Principle and what it means to be part of Wilson. This can be anything from acting in a welcoming or caring way; participating in the community or acting in a way to improve the community; or even standing up for other members of the community. Small or large, we want to recognize those things that our community members do to help foster the spirit of what it means to be “Wilson.” The Resident Assistants and individuals who have earned wristbands through community participation (the pride cards) will identify someone behaving in this way and pass on a wristband to the individual, identifying why they are being given the wristband. Each time a wristband is given, it is with the instruction that they must then recognize and pass on the wristband again with the instructions to continue paying it forward.

There are also other groups within the community looking for ways to offer positive affirmation and encouragement to the community. Be on the lookout for these and other activities inspired by the We ♥ Wilson campaign. If you think of your own initiative, let us know. We are going to wrap up the semester with a day of celebration the Saturday after classes end in May. Many ideas are being explored to make sure we are creating an experience that really captures all that is precious and special about our community. Watch for details after Spring Break.

Last Updated: February 24, 2013

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