Chaplain’s Labyrinth Project Invites New Perspectives

Byline: by Lesley Eichelberger

Posted: February 24, 2013

Chaplain Rosie Magee swirls around her office, talking quickly and managing a smile as she multi-tasks. It is very obvious that she has a purpose for her efforts and as she begins to speak, it becomes clear she has a passion as well. Her positive energy has been directed to a new project she has been working on in her position as Chaplain. It is fittingly called The Labyrinth Project, as the central theme in the semester long event is labyrinth.

The Story Behind the Labyrinth

Magee explains the concept of a labyrinth as one that is often mistaken for a maze. According to Magee, the two are not just different- they are actually opposites. Each symbol represents a determinant outlook on life. The labyrinth promotes a positive outlook on life that is characterized by onward motion- but with intervals to rest and socialize continuity and contentment. A maze-type outlook on life is characterized by abrupt dead-ends and a sense of frustration and failure.

“The concept is thousands of years old,” said Magee. “It transcends demographics. The main idea is that a labyrinth is designed to help you find your way and a maze is meant to keep you lost. There are so many directions that this concept can be taken.”

Collaboration Across Campus on the Project

It is this potential for creativity that Magee most excited about. She has spoken with several departments and is pleased with the response that she has already received.

“Denise Joyal is going to have her class make ceramic tiles that will be pieced together as part of a labyrinth that we are going to construct out on the green. At each of the events that we have planned there will be river stones to paint to add to the labyrinth,” said Magee. “Each event will help us build it. Then on May 4th it is World Labyrinth Day. For that day we will have our labyrinth ready. We are also accepting artwork for an exhibition that will be held for the event.”

Kimmy Leitma ’16 is excited to learn more about these upcoming events. “I think this is a good idea,” said Leitma. “It’s a great way for students to get involved around campus.”

This project is an invitation to all members of our community to have fun and to experience the labyrinth in a way that promotes creativity and unity. Several events are currently underway, including a call for creative writing from students, staff and faculty. To submit work to the Bottom Shelf Review for this special publication, email no later than Mon, Mar. 25.

To make reservations in advance for any event relating to the Labyrinth Project call (717)264-4141x3307 or email

The Labyrinth Project Upcoming Events:

•A Day of Rest Retreat on March 2, 2013 at Bon Secours Retreat Center in Marriotsville, Md.
•Movie Showing, “The Way,” about a father walking the El Camino de Santiago pilgrimage through France/Spain. Showing is Fri, Mar. 22 at 4pm. Free admission.
•Meal and Talk with Camille Bauchchman and Asuncion Arnedo. Both women have walked the El Camino de Santiago. Meal at 6pm. Talk at 7pm.
•Lenten Worship series on the theme “Pilgrimage” Wednesdays 12-12:30 pm. The Lenten series will include guest speaker the Reverend Marge Iddings on February 27th.

Last Updated: February 24, 2013

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