Students Build Homes During Alternative Spring Break in North Carolina

Byline: by Jisoo Kim

Posted: April 14, 2013

The Habitat for Humanity club members went on an Alternative Spring Break (ASB) trip to Raleigh, N.C. this year from March 10 to 16. Twelve students, one staff member and Chaplain Rosie Magee took part in this program. Every spring break, students have the chance to spend one week building homes for families in need.

The Habitat for Humanity club needed nearly $4000.00 including program fees, transportation and food. Their annual auction raised around $2100.00.

Apportionments from the Wilson College Government Association also supported the club.

One of the students who went on this trip, Neena Gurung ‘15 took part since she had no other plans for spring break. “This is a great opportunity to learn and experience something new,” said Gurung.

Kisha Pradhan ‘15 wanted to do something new and different to utilize her time to the fullest.

“I’m so caught up with my studies and work that I don't always get a chance to help others. This ASB program is one such opportunity where I can dedicate my own time, not for myself, but for people who are in need of help. It feels good to be able to be a part of such a program.” said Pradhan.

Magee enjoys being with the group. Various students participated this year, including international students and Women with Children students.

The Habitat team received help from their host affiliate, Wake County Habitat for Humanity, and church accommodations, Hillyer Memorial Church. Wake County is a large affiliate, so there were several houses at various stages of construction which made for a variety of tasks and opportunities to learn new skills. Wake County Habitat for Humanity has the eighth largest Re-Store in the nation. At Re-Stores people can buy building materials from deconstructed houses and all the money raised goes into providing affordable housing. The team worked with site supervisors including three AmeriCorps volunteers, all of whom were women.

“Raleigh is an interesting city and we were within walking distance from downtown in contrast to our usual more rural locations,” said Magee.

Lilia George ‘14 thought the trip went better than she expected in terms of cooperating with the other people and forming closer connections with other students.

The trip was a learning experience for all

“I learned that Habitat for Humanity does deconstruction, which in part supplies stores that are affiliated with their organization called Restores, which are essentially Goodwill versions of Home Depot. The most empowering things I learned on the trip, however, were how to use some power tools like circular saws and basic knowledge of how to construct a home.” said George.

“I learned that repetitive hammering leads to very sore muscles! The annual ASB trip is very different than any other week in my year. I don’t think of myself as a ‘handy’ person so it feels good to know that I now know how to put up sheathing on a house and my painting skills have come a long way,” said Magee.

“The trip was wonderful. The people who hosted us and took care of us in Raleigh, North Carolina were really hospitable. I am really proud of our Wilson team that I was with. All of us worked hard as a team. We contributed towards Habitat for Humanity's work, but took so much back in return in what we learnt through the entire process,” said Jyotsna Dhakal ‘14.

Last Updated: April 20, 2013

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